Move Over Sonicare: Silicone Toothbrushes Are Now a Thing


Foreo silicone toothbrush

Impression: Courtesy of Foreo Fb

The dental industry is a person of the couple wellbeing and natural beauty areas in which there hasn’t been considerably in phrases of innovation in the final couple years. Certain, Sonicare will release a cool new brush color each individual so usually or Crest will launch a new tooth whitening system, but when you get down to it, all the things “new” is much more or less the exact previous factor with slicker advertising. Now, two manufacturers are switching all that. Boie and Foreo have occur out with disruptive normally takes on common toothbrushes.

Foreo silicone toothbrush electric

Impression: Courtesy of Foreo Fb

Foreo’s brush is identified as Issa and comes in both equally a whole-measurement and mini version, both equally of which are electric and made of silicone. Issa’s battery lasts a yr and the toothbrush head demands to be replaced just when each individual 6 months. For comparison, Sonicare lasts about two months and the brush demands to be replaced each individual two to a few months. Boie, on the other hand, is a manual brush and is made from a newly designed clinical-grade rubber. Its bristles, compared with common nylon ones, have antibacterial attributes and are meant to be gentler on teeth (it is widespread for folks to put on down their gums by constantly brushing too aggressively with their electric toothbrush). The two brushes have ergonomic styles. As with the Issa, the Boie brush head lasts about 6 months and, compared with other manual brushes, you just swap the brush head, not the entire toothbrush.

“Silicone bristles are an exciting notion mainly because they are nonporous and carry less micro organism,” says Dr. Victoria Veytsman, owner of Beauty Dental Studios. “I love that they occur in diverse hues and the style is unbeatable. Having said that, I have not viewed considerably analysis or medical research backing their performance in taking away plaque.”

Veytsman underlines that the single most essential factor when it comes to toothbrushes is how very well they can access all the surfaces of the tooth and get rid of plaque and micro organism. “This is even much more essential than the toothpaste you’re working with. My query would be, can those people silicone bristles access all the nooks and crevices in between the teeth and each individual surface of the tooth? Once I see much more information on that, I would happily endorse them to my patients. For now, there are electric toothbrushes with lots of medical analysis supporting their performance.”

Boie USA silicone toothbrush

Impression: Courtesy of Boie Fb

Dr. David Frey, author of Revitalize Your Smile, whilst also hoping for much more analysis on the newfangled brushes, is intrigued by the innovation. “The Foreo toothbrush is electric and employs sonic waves to dismantle plaque and micro organism from the tooth’s surface. It is impressive and modern and would seem in particular suitable for small children, handicapped and manually disadvantaged folks who have a difficult time taking away plaque proficiently.”

In the exact vein, New York Metropolis-dependent cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian Kantor of Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor highlights that the Issa is much more ergonomic than some of the other toothbrushes on the market and it lets you to proficiently access each individual element of the mouth. “I also like that the Issa employs silicone bristles that are nonabrasive and gentle, delivering a gentler, much more comfy brushing encounter. Yet another advantage is that the bristles are nonporous silicone, which is resistant to micro organism buildup. I typically endorse that my patients use a gentle-bristled electric toothbrush with a timer, like the Issa, mainly because they get rid of plaque and stains much more proficiently whilst however remaining mild on tooth enamel and aiding to avoid gum economic downturn.”

Kantor says that what it ultimately comes down to is that the client has to be comfy with what ever brush they use or they won’t use it correctly. “I do imagine the promises are legit and the Issa is value the investment. This is a person of the to start with significant innovations in the toothbrush category that I have viewed since the introduction of the Sonicare toothbrush.”

As for the Boie, it operates on the same principle as Issa, with an antibacterial and BPA-cost-free bristle, but it is a manual different. Dr. James Scapillato says that if you are likely to opt for a manual brush, it is generally superior to use a gentle-bristled brush to decrease damage to teeth and tissue, which is a little something the Boie has likely for it. “Stiff-bristled toothbrushes can additional damage tissue and teeth and are falsely promoted to final.”

Dr. George Kirby of Downtown Dental Products and services, who has been practicing for 46 years, would not endorse the Boie. While he says he is intrigued, he’s troubled by the absence of literature supporting its real performance. “I have occur to the perception that 75 % of the population would advantage from an electric brush,”  he says. “I generally withhold that suggestion until finally after their to start with remember appointment when I can assess their residence care. I am partial to Sonicare mainly because of the ultrasonic motion and head measurement, however Oral-B now presents that also.”


Impression: Courtesy of Boie Fb

Kirby is also anxious about the measurement of the Boie head, which is rather large. He recommends a smaller head so it will in shape into restricted areas behind the upper and lower entrance teeth. “You ought to try to remember that these suppliers can claim just about anything, but it is medical trials that will establish or disprove their performance,” he says.

Innovation in any field is thrilling, so let’s hope it is not very long prior to Foreo and Boie get some medical evidence behind these new equipment so that we can have a superior comprehending of all the execs and downsides of working with a silicone toothbrush.


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