Trend Alert: Do Brow Stamps Live Up to the Hype?


Are brow stamps the new microblading?

i-Envy by Kiss Brow Stamp for Excellent Eyebrow, $eight.99 at Be Jour Impression: i-Envy by Kiss

The eyebrow’s tyrannical reign of terror in excess of the beauty earth could be in excess of. To start with, fully shaved brows and unplucked brows are obtaining a instant. Next, the most recent brow craze to strike the online isn’t a serum, gel or grooming type. Relatively, it is a brow stamp that claims to cut down your eyebrow regime to mere seconds. Like microblading, the “i-Envy by Kiss Brow Stamp for Excellent Eyebrow” claims comprehensive, flawlessly arched brows — only there is no suffering or lasting motivation expected.

As their identify implies, brow stamps are simply just molds sculpted in the form of “perfect” eyebrows (one particular for your left aspect, one particular for your suitable). All you have to do is moisturize your brow location, rub the stamp into a powder pigment (in chocolate, darkish brown or ebony, based on your purely natural hair color), align the factor with your real eyebrow, push down firmly and — voilà — daring, flawless brows.

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Skeptical? Perfectly, according to beauty vlogger Jeffree Star, you really should be. In the 10-minute section down below, the brow-free makeup expert requires the item for a trial spin and decides it does not benefit his stamp of acceptance.

To commence with, Star was not impressed by the powder components. Apart from it staying “weird” and “bizarre,” he notes that the components is not fully opaque, nor is it long-lasting. Also, lining up the stamps proved rather complicated (although obtaining brows would, in idea, ease some of this wrestle). Nevertheless, Star acknowledges that the item could be handy in selected contexts. “This could be a fast, uncomplicated instant for you if you are somebody that hates filling in your brows,” he says.

In the clip down below, beauty vlogger Tati presents the item a favourable evaluation, even with the actuality that she, too, struggles with stamp placement and is obliged to do a reasonable total of clean up. In actuality, for every Attract, “Most of the folks who have made use of the stamp have identified themselves having a lot more time cleansing up the destruction they’ve brought about than actually drawing them on from scratch.”

And yet another allegedly time-preserving beauty item bites the dust.

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