John Oliver Exposes Donald Trump's Biggest Lie About Coal Jobs


Donald Trump says he enjoys coal miners and wants to set them back again to get the job done, but John Oliver thinks the president is pretty clueless when it will come to what miners do each day.

The “Final 7 days Tonight” host even found a clip from the campaign path of Trump pretending to do… nicely… one thing:  

“He barely gets what mining is,” Oliver said. “He may nicely assume it’s just operating up to items that he wants and yelling ‘MINE!’” 

Oliver pointed out that Trump’s guarantee to build additional mining jobs was crafted on a lie. Coal jobs aren’t in drop mainly because of the polices the field likes to blame, but owing to market forces such as low-priced purely natural gas. 

And when mines do open, automation usually means less human personnel are needed to pull out the coal.

So what is definitely going on? 

Oliver can take an in-depth seem at the problem in the video above. 


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