The Summer Mega Cosmetics COLLECTION BUNDLE Giveaway

1,350 Value

1 Winner

Welcome to 2019. we’ve received awesome feedback and have given you guys more chances to win our Mega cosmetic collection bundle yet again!

Giveaway includes:

Mix Collection of Hot & Sold out Cosmetics

As usual we will select one winner. (This year so far we have had 8 winners)

This is a WORLDWIDE Giveaway open to everyone. Our last giveaway was such a success now it is back by popular demand.

Our Latest Winners:


Donna  – ME Yet Another MEGA Cosmetics COLLECTION BUNDLE Giveaway (4/30/2019)

Our Past Winners:

Rebecca A. – (Disclosed) MEGA Cosmetics COLLECTION BUNDLE 2019 (2/14/2019)

Jesse S. – Kentucky – Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Bundle Collection

Victoria T. – Manchester, UK (Our First over Seas Winner !)

Nia F. – California ($3,000 Make-Up Bundle)

Kayla M. – New York

Cynthia J. – Minneapolis

Katie O. – Utah

Brandon M. – New York

Good Luck

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