Do The Work: The Fine Line Between Preparation and Procrastination by @ThriveLoungeDC


by Chantl Martin | Showcased Contributor

All through the year, I expend a lot of time contemplating about my upcoming. I consciously place time aside to form through my thoughts close to the steps I’m about to acquire just before I do anything.

I believe in the electricity of visualizing your objectives. If you can sit again and generate the excellent image of how you want to stay your lifestyle you can start out having steps toward obtaining that picture in true checklist. In the time I expend contemplating, I could possibly generate a vision board, write out my thoughts, generate a 5-year approach or generate a to-do checklist for the future week. I could possibly determine that this is a time of rest – and merely rest.

Visualizing your objectives, scheduling them out, and intention environment are some of the initially measures that most prosperous persons acquire to attain their objectives. Nevertheless, these tools for achievements can also grow to be some of the largest intruders of your time – specially when you expend way too a lot time scheduling our your intention and by no means basically start out doing the job on it.

If these are important initially measures to acquire in accomplishment, how do you know when you’re undertaking the meaningful inside do the job and important scheduling course of action – and when you’re making use of these tools as a form of procrastination?

Right here are the 4 essential techniques to know when it’s time to Commence:

You have Currently Determined ON THE Target YOU WANT TO Obtain.

The course of action of creating a vision board (or having some time to believe about the future move of your journey) can be invaluable to support you re-assess the issues that you want out of lifestyle. There are time in our lives where we expend so a lot time doing the job and catering to our house and family members that we do not have time left about to acquire treatment of ourselves – a lot a lot less approach out our upcoming.

Time to believe about your objectives is remarkably important reflection interval to support you realign with your objectives, however, it can also be a huge procrastination place. Have you at any time decided on the intention you want to pursue, but then you expend a further number of weeks marinating on it? You could possibly check with oneself issues like “Is this definitely what I want?” or “What if I are unsuccessful?” These issues you check with oneself internally are not successful since it’s probable you have no notion what it will be like to do the job in direction of that intention or what the final result will be. You’re merely scaring oneself (and I do not blame you, pursuing a new intention is Frightening).

Do not psych oneself out. Make your mind up on your major vision – and then start out.

You have TAKEN A Class OR TWO ON THE Topic.

You have decided on the intention you want to attain, woo-hoo! Now you’ve opened up your laptop to google anything on the issue, you’ve all set just about every weblog publish you can discover, taken just about every no cost training course, and specified your e-mail to just about every guru to receive the important No cost downloads – since you will need all the data you can get! This is your time to investigation your notion and the extra you know, the improved prepared you’ll be, correct? Not always.

If you’ve invested six month examining, investigating, discovering, and having e-courses (or in person courses/conferences) in the make any difference – it’s time to Commence. Absolutely nothing will prepare you extra for attaining a new intention like finding your fingers filthy by beginning the course of action of completing your intention and discovering initially hand through working experience.

You have Investigated ALL OF THE Supplies AND Machines TO GET Begun.

Ok, now we’re finding major. At this place, you’ve decided on what you want to carry out and you’ve completed some learning to see particularly what you’ll will need to carry out your intention. You have even taken an extra move and investigated all the materials you’ll will need – you’re just placing collectively the revenue to obtain them.

Purchasing a suite of goods to assistance your intention is a single of the most misleading procrastination tactics that retain you from accomplishing your objectives – since you believe you’re building progress. In truth, you’re paying your time investigating and acquiring goods instead than merely undertaking the do the job that will support you shift in direction of your intention. In most situations, you won’t will need distinctive products to  start out discovering the course of action. (In addition you can normally acquire edge of apps, libraries and other local community means to support you together your way.) Also, if you hold out until you have some working experience executing your objectives, you’ll have improved notion of what you will need your goods to do to assistance you.

Skip the major buys and start out doing the job on the objectives – this is where the true worth is.


All people I know uses a to-do checklist in some form or manner to retain track of the issues they want to carry out on an ongoing basis. I personally appreciate making use of a to do checklist to make positive I’m on track with all the issues I will need to get completed on any specified day.

If you discover oneself wondering what is the correct order you should do some thing in or seeking to approach out your future a few months down to the day – stop… and then start out (doing the job on your objectives, of training course)! While creating a to-do checklist can support you retain track of the issues you will need to get completed, you’re nevertheless liable for undertaking them. Also, your to-do checklist is not static! You can normally add  to it, acquire absent from it or shift issues at any time.

While having time to do the job on your vision and approach for your upcoming is unquestionably time perfectly invested, there is a wonderful line in between preparation and procrastination. You owe it to your upcoming self to know the difference… and then make her happy.

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