Fragrance Cocktailing: How to Layer Perfume to Create a Signature Scent


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There are loads of award-profitable, intoxicating perfumes on the market, but who would like to odor like every person else? Visualize a just one-of-a-form fragrance that has been built dependent on your favorite scents and human body chemistry. Out of the blue that off-the-shelf perfume does not seem to be as appealing. The only draw back with bespoke scents is that they occur with a large value tag. Really do not give up just nevertheless because fragrance cocktailing is the clever compromise that enables us to get a customized perfume with out the significant value tag.

Fragrance cocktailing involves mixing distinctive prepared-built perfumes with each other to occur up with a exceptional scent. It’s a easy notion that presents loads of possibilities. As with nearly anything experimental, it involves some demo and mistake, which can occasionally direct to less-than-best results. So, we questioned the gurus how to layer perfume like a pro.

Get started With the Ideal Foundation

In advance of fragrance cocktailing, it is crucial to have a selection of favorite perfumes. Brian Jeong and Phil Wong, co-founders of Hawthorne for Males, tell us, “Having a strong foundation is extremely crucial when constructing on best of it through mixing. After you have your ‘palette’ or core rotation, you must believe about what sections of just about every fragrance you delight in the most. You can then obtain other fragrances that boost that ingredient and use them to make your mix.”

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Try One Notes

Patti Kapla from reveals that one observe or extremely standard fragrances are least difficult to start off out with. Fragrance cocktailing rookies can even decide up distinctive fragrance kits that are built to be worn with each other, this kind of as the Mixologie Blendable Perfume Collection ($ninety nine) or the Commodity Cocktail Kit ($26).

Adhere With Similar Scent Households

Realizing fragrance types (floral, woody, citrus, oriental, gourmand, and so on.) would make it less complicated to layer perfume. Kapla explains that a typical rule of thumb is to mix scents that are in the very same spouse and children or in complementary kinds.

When mixing fragrances in just one classification, this kind of as citrus, take into consideration the notes in just about every perfume and consider blending distinctive pairings. For instance, a light citrus with notes of lemon and bergamot paired with a darker citrus made up of factors like blood orange, darkish plum and yuzu is a good mix, says Steve Johnson, scent sommelier for Scentbird.

After you have mastered functioning with equivalent fragrance types, Jeong and Wong suggest branching out throughout families. They advise including a little twist to a favorite fragrance. For instance, give a floral scent an update by including some spice or wood notes.

Combine Unique Styles

There’s no require to only mix colognes with colognes and eau de toilettes with eau de toilettes. All our gurus concur that it is Ok to mix and match EDTs, EDPs, colognes and human body sprays. When layering distinctive kinds, Jeong and Wong say it is best to keep in mind that reduce focus fragrances, like EDTs, commonly disappear speedier so that can influence the ultimate end result.

Really do not Rub Wrists Collectively

Rubbing wrists with each other is a major no-no because it “strips” the fragrance of its best notes. Jeong and Wong liken it to smearing a gorgeous painting. (Whoops.) For perfume layering, spray the scents on best of just about every other and let them intermingle for the best results.

Consider About Texture

Yup, fragrances have texture. Johnson explains, “Perfumes with impressive notes like gardenia, tuberose, benzoin, labdanum, incense, cinnamon and coriander will consider and dominate a mix. Pair them with lighter, similar notes to temper their enthusiasm and highlight their exceptional drama.” He adds, “Lilies and violets are light but powdery and will enhance the strong powder side in tuberose nicely. If you have a deep resinous base with benzoin, labdanum or opoponax in just one perfume, pair it with a light herbal patchouli observe. Or go in an earthy direction with vetiver or oak moss.”

Enjoy Out for Elaborate Fragrances

Consider about perfume like style. When it comes to one thing complicated, it is best to pair it with one thing easy. Johnson recommends tempering much more powerful scents with light floral notes, this kind of as linden blossoms, lilies and lily of the valley.

Consider Past Perfume

Fragrance cocktailing can go past layering two scents on best of just about every other. Kapla says that it can be began in the shower with a scented human body clean. Incorporating human body lotions or oils can also deliver exciting results. Unique placements of scents can also end result in one thing exceptional. Kapla provides the instance of making use of just one scent to wrists and one more to the neck.

Have Exciting With It

Try to remember, this is not a specific science experiment. Fragrance cocktailing is intended to be pleasurable, so don’t get hung up about crafting the “perfect scent.” The suggestions are to help rookies they are not established-in-stone procedures. Most importantly, it is about acquiring one thing that appeals to you. As Kapla claims, “Fragrance is the finishing contact to a wardrobe — delight in it!”

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Fragrance Cocktailing: How to Layer Perfume to Create a Signature Scent


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