Eric Trump’s Wedding Planner Now Holds a Major Government Job


Of all the horrifying factors occurring in our American political Swamp of Sadness—international provocation, willfully turning a blind eye to a world that is mustering its army of oceans to finally fight again versus us—we normally forget the lesser, most likely extra mundane or each day horrors and stupidities that on a regular basis emanate from Washington like smell traces in a child’s drawing of poop. Get, for instance, this tale from the New York Every day News, an absurd and depressing tale about the person the Trump administration has appointed to run the part of Housing and City Improvement accountable for New York City’s community housing (and for other spots as well).

Who do you think has been appointed to that weighty work? Scott Baio? That ridiculous sheriff with all the bogus medals? Eric Trump donning a wig and a frumpy costume and calling himself “Mrs. Housington”? None of individuals guesses is that significantly off, in point! The new head of H.U.D. Region II is none other than Lynne Patton, far better recognised as the function planner who, among other factors, planned Eric Trump’s marriage. Yep! Isn’t that comically ideal? An unbelievably vital place that, in section, oversees federal funding for housing for very poor individuals goes to an function planner-turned-personal assistant for Trump’s household.

Which isn’t to say that function arranging or getting a personal assistant don’t involve an array of skills and smarts. Of program they do. But Patton has quite much zero encounter with, y’know, presiding about intricate techniques on this scale, and no encounter in housing, minus the time she’s invested as a “liaison” to H.U.D. considering that February. This appointment appears like the peak of dumb cronyism from quite much all angles.

But this tale goes even further into macabre farce, due to the fact every tale does these days. The Every day News notes that Patton’s LinkedIn profile lists Quinnipiac University Regulation School below schooling, while next to “J.D.” it states “(N/A).” What could that signify? The Every day News was curious, so they called up Quinnipiac, and then documented the following: “school registrar Jim Benson claimed Patton attended for two semesters but did not graduate.” Which is all alternatively ideal. We should all start off placing “N/A” next to factors we haven’t completed but form of want individuals to think we have completed. Maybe the financial institution could put “$10,000,000 (N/A)” on my financial institution statement when I’m implementing for an condominium. Should really I put “Dated Andrew Garfield (N/A)” in my Tinder bio or some thing? This minor trick opens up this kind of a world of options! Thank you, Lynne “Successfully Oversaw General public Housing for New York City (N/A)” Patton!

One more amazing issue (we’re employing “wonderful” right here so we don’t burst into tears) about the Every day News tale, at minimum the on-line edition, is that the write-up includes an embedded Instagram picture from Eric Trump’s lavish 2014 marriage, to give us a taste of what kind of parties Patton will throw for the small-money citizens of Region II. And in the selected photo—and this cannot, in any way, be an accident—who is in the group of visitors, looking at younger grasp Trump and his bride stroll up the aisle? Why, none other than Jill Zarin.

There she is. The former Real Housewives of New York City forged member, beaming out of the past like some form of . . . I don’t know. Ambivalent ghost, it’s possible. Jill Zarin, joke of the early 2010s, then a member of the marriage, now re-emerging at this darkest of hours. She was there in Trumpland all alongside. This entire time, Jill Zarin was there. Or it’s possible she was just there as soon as! Maybe the marriage invitation was a fluke. A 1-off. But still. There she is. How amusing to read a tale about the country crumbling bit by bit, and then locate Jill Zarin amidst it all, smiling in a costume. It helps make a strange kind of perception, doesn’t it? That just before we die, all people we’ve at any time recognised returns to us, briefly. So this was Jill Zarin’s second. Now she will fade again into the past and that will be that. Goodbye, Jill! I ponder who we’ll glimpse next on our journey toward oblivion.

In any case. This entire issue is a mess. And possibly should not be joked about. H.U.D. does very important operate that promptly and appreciably affects people’s lives. An function planner and assistant to Eric Trump does not seem to be like the ideal person to oversee a bunch of that operate. Connect with me ridiculous. While, what do I actually know. I’m just a gossip writer and film critic. Now if you will justification me, I have an interview at the White Dwelling for the huge head of F.E.M.A. work! Want me luck!


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