Eva Longoria Once Wore Her Dress Backwards To Cannes And Didn't Know It


It seems Eva Longoria can rock almost everything on the crimson carpet, even a dress that’s backward.

As this year’s Cannes Film Competition starts, the actress celebrated more than a decade of attending the event by putting up a throwback image on Instagram and revealing a “fun simple fact.”

In the image Longoria shared on Wednesday, the star is sporting a dress with a deep plunge in the entrance. But it turns out that plunge was supposed to go in the back again. 

“Flashback to my very first year in Cannes twelve many years ago!” she wrote in the image caption. “I glimpse like a newborn! Exciting simple fact: I experienced my dress on backward 🙈 Yep. Backwards and did not know it!!!!”

No worries, Eva. We did not know it, possibly. 


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